Real Estate Driven by What You Really Need

We’re a full-service, facts-based real estate team specializing in Toronto’s east end.

The Halyard Group was formed in response to a lack of personalized real estate services in Toronto’s east end.

We believe in honest and effective business practices driven by our clients’ needs.

With no wasted time, no passive strategy, and no ineffective marketing, we’re changing the game in Toronto’s real estate industry.

Chris Cook

Sales Representative | Team Lead


The east end is my home. It’s where I work, where I’m raising my kids, and where I’d love to help you find a home.

In my former life, I competed as a top-level athlete in sailing, eventually leading to my competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games.

Prior to and after 2008 I built a team of dedicated athletes, teaching many young athletes to sail and coaching others to the Olympics.

In many ways, real estate is an industry for self-starters, and sailing is the same. It takes long hours and intense focus on a singular goal to compete at a high level, and I find myself repeating many of the strategies and habits in my career as I did in competing.

Real estate has become this new source of obsession.

David Ferris

Sales Representative 


Born and raised in Toronto’s East End and currently raising a young family downtown, I have developed a broad scope and authentic connection with all that our city has to offer. I love Toronto!  I love our lifestyle and culture, our parks and beaches, our restaurants and nightlife, our architecture new and old… I even love (regrettably) our Toronto Maple Leafs.

I am a hard working, self motivated go-getter who has spent most of my adult life in the music industry achieving great successes and riding out big dreams. While a large part of my previous career was independently entrepreneurial, I have always valued the importance of working with others to accomplish goals.  I truly enjoy working with people from all walks of life. 

Becoming a real estate agent was a natural progression where I can continue to collaborate with clients to achieve common objectives. I love analyzing each individual situation and coming up with unique strategies that work… So let’s get to work!

Jonathan Chiu

Sales Representative

Jonathan has 15 years of combined experience in the real estate industry. He started as a residential real estate appraiser before switching to the agent side. Bringing an honest and sincere approach to his clients' experience, and is always looking to exceed their expectations.

When not working in or investing in the market, this born-and-raised Torontonian can be found spending time with his two daughters, traveling or enjoying the wide variety of authentic foods and diverse cultures the city has to offer.

Vivian Kim

Sales Representative

Toronto is home. I love the energy and vibrancy of our city and the diversity of its people, food and culture. I was born in North York, studied at York University and am currently living in midtown Toronto with my husband and two young daughters.

I obtained my real estate license fresh out of university (a long long time ago) and I haven't looked back. I've experienced the thrills and challenges of purchasing my first condo, then my first detached home and now growing my portfolio as a real estate investor and I love sharing my knowledge and experience to help others in their own real estate journeys.

I'm so grateful for this career guiding clients in some of the most important decisions they'll ever make and am excited for what the future of Toronto real estate holds.

Elaine Canals 

Sales Representative

Real Estate has always been one of my biggest interests. I love my role in the team as I am involved in every aspect of the business. From getting the house ready to list for sale, to helping clients and agents at every stage of the process, my job is to make sure things get done to get the best results for our clients.

I am proud to be part of The Halyard Group because we truly care about our clients’ best interest. We are a team of hardworking people who always put their clients first. All my previous work experience has been in industries in which customer service skills are the most important.

With a Bachelors degree in Economics, and my Real Estate License, I have truly found a career with The Halyard Group where I can feel professionally fulfilled and achieve continued growth.

Jennifer Walker


We are pleased to be working with Jennifer Walker from Pearl Street Home Staging. What separates Jen from other stagers we’ve worked with in the past is her innate ability to highlight a home’s greatest features without making it seem “overly-staged.

Aaron Palmer 

Home Inspector 

We’re glad to be working with Aaron Palmer from Pillar to Post. Aaron is well respected within the industry, as he takes the time care to inspect each property fully. What separates Aaron from other home inspectors is his consistency and proven methods that produce the best results for your home inspection.

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