We Help Our Clients Buy Better With Our 5 Rings Method

Your Schedule.  Our first meeting is essential to you getting to where you want to be, when you want to be there. We're focused on getting the property you want but are also committed to your timeline as well. Pressure to buy will never be applied. We can work quickly and have a great track record of happy clients who purchased quickly but we've also worked with clients for many months to find the right place at the right price. Be clear about your timelines and we will respect them. 

Personalized Property Match and Monitoring.  Saving you time and energy during the search phase means meeting asap to fine tune your search.  What, where, how much.  Getting as specific as possible helps us set up the right search for you. Once set up new properties matching your criteria are sent to you, and to us.  Every day we look at your matches. If something is of particular interest you will receive some sort of secondary communication to draw your attention that that property. Often in this first meeting we uncover some very important needs for your future home.  Skipping or rushing through this first step can cost a lot of time and energy.

Our First Showings.  As soon as possible after setting our search we need to get out to see homes. Not to make a purchase but to gauge what's on the market and what you really like / dislike.  This first set of showings is a little more diverse.  We look at 4 - 5 homes that check different boxes for you.  Our job at this point is to listen to your feedback and ask questions about what you're seeing.  From there we can get really specific about your needs and wants going forward.  

Property Preview Option.  The Best time to see homes is during the day, during the work week. There's less traffic, more parking available on residential streets, fewer people in the homes we're seeing. If you can set out a couple hours during the week to see homes, that's what we suggest.  If you can't, no problem.  Our team previews homes nearly every day for our clients.  This is where we see homes on your behalf, compare what we're seeing to what we know you like, then report back to you on the very best options.  We shoot videos that can go into much deeper detail about why or why not to see a property.  From there we book up only the best to see with you later.

Due Diligence.  Once you've found something you like it's time to dig deeper before you put in an offer.  We have a full checklist for our due diligence (DD). Obtain Pre-List inspection report, review it ourselves and send it to you. Google search the property and the area to find any lurking surprises. Send you a HoodQ report on the property for School district info etc. Search for open permits on the property. Create a comparative market analysis (CMA) to help guide you on price. Review any additional documents attached to the listing and forward to you for review. Check sales history for the property

Home inspections. Our Inspector Aaron works with Pillar To Post, a highly reputable inspection firm with stringent inspection protocols. Why does this matter to you? If a home doesn't have a pre-list inspection report or you'd like to do your own inspection, having someone we trust on speed dial is critical to your peace of mind.

Pricing Guidance and Offer Negotiation.  Helping you interpret the CMA to make an offer that will get you the property without overpaying is a big part of the offer process but, we have a lot of other tools that we use to help clients win, without having to pay more.  Closing date, fewer conditions (no conditions) clear and professional communication with the Seller's Agent are all examples of how we've won offers for our clients without paying more.  In the current market we're finding with fewer offers, negotiations can last days, giving us the time to properly negotiate the best deal for you.  

Timely Handling of Required Documents Once we've got an offer accepted, there's still work to do. Getting the correct paperwork to your lawyer, lender and the Seller's Agent is time sensitive and critical. There may be a conditional period that we need to work within and associated waivers. We have a dedicated staff to handle all these details so nothing is missed and you're kept informed all the way through the process. As we move toward close we stay in touch so you never feel like you're missing anything.

Closing Details. The last two weeks before close there's a lot to do from your end.  You'll need to co-ordinate with your lawyer for funds and title transfer but you'll also need to set  up / transfer utilities for the new property. We've got a step-by step checklist with associated numbers to help you with this.   

Moving and Storage.  Our trusted movers are Crawford Moving Solutions.  Bryan and his team have moved most of our clients for the past 3 years. Our own team have used them for our own moves and trust nobody else to handle the job. When it's time to move, let us know and we'll make the introductions to get you set up.

Lawyers.  Over the last couple years a lot has changed, including how real estate lawyers are accessed.  The problem is, many lawyers didn't get the memo. This is why we've partnered with DEEDED.  Electronic signing, easy transfer of funds, expert legal advice and all tracked and accessible through the online portal.  You'll have access to all your critical documents and you'll know what stage your file is at, every step of the way.  These guys are amazing!  
If you're old school and you'd like to work with a bricks and mortar team of professionals we know and trust, Korman and Co. here in Toronto have been a staple of our business.

Staying Connected As You Need.  Through this process we spend a lot of time together so it's bitter sweet when we're successful and the journey is over. We like to stay connected with past clients, just to say hi and keep connected. We do this because we want to be there when we can be of service. Anything, I mean anything to do with your property we're happy to be your first call.  Insurance, mortgage, repairs, you name it, please call us first so we can continue to give you our best guidance.

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